November 25, 2013

Ladies of the Lowlands @ Songbird

Which was lovely! For the second time this year The Ladies of the Lowlands collaborated to give a unique performance, this time at the renowned Songbird Festival in Rotterdam. It was craaaaazy hectic that day for me because just a few hours before I played my last performance of “Mijn jas is mijn huis” with the Residentie Orkest in The Hague (!). Luckily my family was there to speed race me to the Doelen in Rotterdam where I put my bag down and immediately ran to the 3FM studio to perform our cover of “She” (Laura Mvula) live on the radio. Watch a clip HERE (I seem rather calm, don’t I? Weird, cause that’s not at all how I felt! Compensation I guess ;) )

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October 28, 2013

Play dead

There are songs that form you. They’ve imprinted on your soul. They are part of who you are and you can’t erase them, ever. You don’t want to. They stream through your blood. They have locked themselves into a corner of your cells, your dna is transformed by them. To me, Play dead of Björk is one of those songs.
In a way when I write or compose I always try to create that song as if it never happened. And I’m not Bjork. I am me, so when I write, other stuff comes out. Something like Last Bridge for instance. I am so grateful for the inspiration.
It’s not the only song I always want to write; Radiohead’s Knives Out is one and so is Silent all these years by Tori Amos, I want you by Elvis Costello, Island by Heather Nova and I could go on here for a while…

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October 27, 2013

Huis-tuin-en-videoclip Break Up

Hi everyone, I have a new single out and it’s called Break Up (from my album Fighting Wildfires). Well… it’s actually about how it can feel like a break up when you’re in a relationship with someone, but you see each other so little because of work and other stuff.
I made you a little do-it-yourself-video to go with the song, where I tell you a little bit about how Break Up came about. It’s in dutch, but still, hope you like it! Watch it HERE

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October 14, 2013

Residentie Orkest

Oh, oh, oh wat was het speciaal. Gisteren had ik de première van Mijn jas is mijn huis van Nationale Toneel jong i.s.m. het Residentie Orkest. Ik heb voor het eerst met orkest live gespeeld én partijen mogen schrijven bij mijn liederen. A DREAM COME TRUE.
En wat een orkest!! Zo’n topniveau; dit is echt iets om te koesteren in Nederland. Hoop dat ik nog veel vaker het podium met hen mag delen.

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August 14, 2013

Radio 1 Dit is de dag

Wat een ontzettende toffe mensen werken er bij de radio. Ik kom alleen maar fijne interviews en warm onthaal tegen de laatste tijd. Een goed voorbeeld daarvan is Dit is de dag. Ik heb Insomnia en Hey, the sun’s here solo live gespeeld en kreeg een verassende vragen op het eind… Kijk het hier terug!

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