juni 19, 2016

Het Pauperparadijs

Yesterday we celebrated the premiere of the indie opera Het Pauperparadijs.
The show worked out so well in front of a 1000 thousand people who attended the night.
Just wanted to share with you how much I love my band, consisting of Gerhardt, Gijs Coolen, Evert van der Waa and Toon Oomen.
Such a joy to take the stage with these maestro’s every day.
Come and see us if you like!
I’d advise you to be quick though, 30.000 tickets have already been sold and there’s only about 5000 left for the whole summer.
See you there!

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april 10, 2016

Off to Berlin!

Looking forward so much to completing my album ‘Solitary High’ at Peter Schmidt’s Ballsaal Studio’s in Berlin.
I’m flying over there tomorrow.
Peter is such an accomplished mixer, it’s a privilege to get to work with him.
See you when I get back :)

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maart 29, 2016

Waiting for Piano Day

Yeah, I’m already waiting for Piano Day #3 to arrive. Can’t hardly wait because we had a BLAST yesterday evening at the Musis Sacrum. Just take a look at the picture here, to get a feel for the night. Thank you everyone who was there, who played, who enjoyed the music.
I played my Piano Day song “Waiting” and if you want to hear it, in that concert hall, watch the excellent video made by Al Hajem (video) and Rutger Drenth (sound) HERE.

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maart 17, 2016

Piano Day | March 28

Happy Piano Day! Such a great idea sprung from the head of Berlin based composer Nils Frahm. Piano Day celebrates music for the piano in all shapes and forms. They organize live events on this day and release a Soundcloud playlist with the newest music for piano they really love. I am happy to announce one of the songs from my upcoming song cycle album has been selected!
They have then asked me…

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februari 23, 2016


Last week I have been blessed to record my new album at the Musis Sacrum concert hall in Arnhem. Home to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gelderland (Gelders Orkest) and recipient of the greatest piano maestro’s around.

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