april 30, 2014


Op dit moment zit ik midden in de montageweek van de voorstelling BAAL van Bertold Brecht bij Toneelgroep Oostpool. 40 jongeren doen mee aan deze productie die verder geleid wordt door professionals van de regisseur Timothy de Gilde tot de decorontwerpers, technici etc. Ik schrijf de muziek. Vele zaterdagen hebben we gerepeteerd en deze week moet het allemaal bij elkaar gaan komen… A.s. zaterdag première in het Oostpool theater! Klik HIER voor kaarten of meer info.

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januari 14, 2014

V.I.P. @ Cortonville

Love it! Heerlijke vragen om te beantwoorden: welke track mogen ze op je begrafenis draaien, wat is de ultieme autorijplaat en welke muziek zet je aan op die momenten waar je geen selfies van maakt.
Cortonville stimuleert de eigenzinnige artiest en ik vind het ultiem cool tussen het rijtje helden te staan die deze VIPlaylist ook hebben samengesteld. HIER vind je mijn versie.

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december 12, 2013

Lavalu & Gerhardt | Fighting Wildfires [Radio 1]

Please take a moment to watch this well made video by Frits de Beer of Fighting Wildfires sung as a duet by singer-songwriter Gerhardt and myself.

Gerhardt and I met in the middle of the night, only a few minutes before hitting the stage. We started performing our own songs one after the other but immediately started improvising backing vocals and instrumental parts to the other person’s songs. This was such a blast for the both of us that we decided then and there to take this collaboration to the next level. The first result of that being this VIDEO

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december 05, 2013

Xnoizz: 1 uur Service @ 3FM

“Write us a song and immediately perform it live on the radio.
Listeners have tweeted these titles. Choose the one you like.
You have one hour.

AAAAARRRGHGHHH that was quite daunting!
Luckily I had the best band in the world with me and they pulled me through this absurd though exciting task.
Wanna see the result of the brand new song “Finally Me”? Click HERE

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november 25, 2013

Ladies of the Lowlands @ Songbird

Which was lovely! For the second time this year The Ladies of the Lowlands collaborated to give a unique performance, this time at the renowned Songbird Festival in Rotterdam. It was craaaaazy hectic that day for me because just a few hours before I played my last performance of “Mijn jas is mijn huis” with the Residentie Orkest in The Hague (!). Luckily my family was there to speed race me to the Doelen in Rotterdam where I put my bag down and immediately ran to the 3FM studio to perform our cover of “She” (Laura Mvula) live on the radio. Watch a clip HERE (I seem rather calm, don’t I? Weird, cause that’s not at all how I felt! Compensation I guess ;) )

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