december 11, 2016

LAVALU & Het Gelders Orkest

Loved it.
Want more.
Wanna see what we did??!


Music & Orchestrations by me :)
Video by Al Hajem

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december 01, 2016

Rock opera "De Witt of Oranje"

25 shows in a month.
Worth the trouble though!
With my new opponent Pieter Verelst.
Such a pleasure to act as a duo when you’re evenly matched.
Did you know he recently won the Cameretten Festival?
Watch him on Pauw HERE
You’ll be hearing from this guy, mark my words.

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oktober 30, 2016


Off to a good start with my SALON TOUR.
A 100 years ago salon concerts were very popular in Berlin and throughout Europe.
I want to bring this tradition back.
Today I think it’s very important we connect to one another.
A lovely way to do this is hosting a salon concert
in your own home with friends enjoying art and music.

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augustus 07, 2016


Oh, to be able to perform an indiepop opera with my favorite band in front of a 1000 people each night…
Oh wait… I JUST DID!
40 nights in a row we were sold out.
Thank you Gerhardt, Gijs, Evert, Toon for the fun we had!
And of course… Thank you Tom de Ket for the incredible opportunity to be the COMPOSER for this opera.

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juni 19, 2016

Het Pauperparadijs

Yesterday we celebrated the premiere of the indie opera Het Pauperparadijs.
The show worked out so well in front of a 1000 thousand people who attended the night.
Just wanted to share with you how much I love my band, consisting of Gerhardt, Gijs Coolen, Evert van der Waa and Toon Oomen.
Such a joy to take the stage with these maestro’s every day.
Come and see us if you like!
I’d advise you to be quick though, 30.000 tickets have already been sold and there’s only about 5000 left for the whole summer.
See you there!

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